NASBLA's podcast, Between the Waves, is now available on iTunes and Google Play! Between the Waves serves as an additional opportunity for our members and the public to hear about what is going on in the world of recreational boating safety and to discuss topics that are important to today's water safety professionals.

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An audio series to discuss topics important to today's water safety professionals.
  • Processing Risk
    This episode takes a look at how we employ the availability heuristic or in easier terms availability bias -- a mental shortcut we use based on a much more powerful and vivid, or immediately available example, stories or experiences to judge the imaginability or the probability of something happening to us, or others, rather than what the data bears out.
  • The PLAN
    A discussion about the National Water Safety Action Plan and the Working Group on Life Jackets/PFDs/and other Floatation Devices. Find more details at www.watersafetyusa.org/nwsap
  • Golden Nuggets of the National Defense Bill of 2021
    On this episode we discuss some of the hidden gems of HR 6395, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 Act, that have a direct impact on the recreational boating safety.
  • Oxygen - The Wonder Drug
    Oxygen - The Wonder Drug
  • Neuroplasticity of the Brain and Boating
    The episode explores the neuroplasticity of the human brain and why the boating environment creates a beginner's gauntlet to become a safe and successful boater.
  • Swimming Lessons A Cornerstone of R3
    As many in the recreational boating and outdoor communities initiate their "R3" programs, hoping to recruit, retain and reactivate boaters and outdoor enthusiast, is the need for swimming lessons being addressed? Do swim lessons address a foundational barrier to boating and other outdoor activities?
  • Seatbelts and Airbags...Why not?
    In 2019, the United States Coast Guard indicated in its annual statistics report that the most likely injury to be sustained by an accident victim was lacerations with over 593 occupants receiving one followed closely behind by broken bones at 472. Most lacerations occur on the head or the legs. In this episode we will explore the topics of seatbelts, and airbags, and their potential use in the marine environment.
  • When Good Intentions Create Bad Outcomes
    Every year, the recreational boating market is flooded with the newest ideas and innovations in technology, which oftentimes may not have gone through the rigorous testing cycle that the consumer expected. Consumers often believe that if a product is available on the shelves, or brought to the market, that is must be reasonably safe. This episode discusses a number of items that have the recreational boating community perplexed, as well as tapping into a national approach that may be needed to help alleviate some of these issues.
  • HR 3409 USCG Reauthorization Act of 2020
    Quick Note on HR 3409 USCG Reauthorization Act of 2020
  • Wear It
    While the world continues to address the global pandemic of COVID-19 one small piece of safety equipment is getting a lot of attention. The face mask and its recommended use by the Centers for Disease Control has become a perfect testbed for us to study in how to address life jacket and engine cut-off switch wear. Many correlations can be drawn and we should do our part to recognize those correlations and use them to advance our efforts.