Creating a Successful Carbon Monoxide Awareness Campaign

There’s nothing good about tragedies on the water, but the most important takeaways after an incident are heightened awareness and positive actions toward keeping other people safe from similar tragedies. When injuries or fatalities occur as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, the families of the victims and other boaters often look back and try to figure out the signs that they may have missed that could have prevented the situation. Awareness campaigns that take advantage of partnerships and educational outreach to boaters can provide the early-detection tools necessary to combat this silent killer on the water.

Lisa Dugan

Recreation Safety Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

As the Recreation Safety Outreach Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the Division of Enforcement Lisa Dugan provides statewide outreach and communication through the development of coordinated marketing goals and executed marketing plans to create a broad, statewide culture of outdoor recreation safety in Minnesota. 

Grant Brown

Boating Law Administrator, Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Parks & Wildlife

Colorado Boating Law Administrator Grant Brown serves his state as the boating safety program manager. Brown has held the position since December of 2016. Through his roles within the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Parks & Wildlife, Brown oversees law enforcement patrols on rivers and lakes. The state boating safety program also conducts boat handling, boat accident investigation (BAI), and boating under the influence (BUI) detection trainings for officers within the state; offers boating safety courses for the boating public; administers the commercial river outfitter licensing program; and oversees the Marine Evidence Recovery Team (MERT).