Decoding Next Gen Life Jacket Labels

Life jackets with new harmonized labels are available for purchase in stores now. These new labels look very different from the ones previous generations of boaters recognize and understand. Utilizing icons and fewer words, the public and law enforcement agencies are sure to have questions about purchasing and using the correct life jackets. Will you be prepared to help them?

During this presentation, Mark Chanski will brief the audience on how to decode the new life jacket icons, explain a Newton and touch upon other vital points of the new harmonized life jacket labels.

Mark Chanski

Deputy Education Director, NASBLA

Mark joined NASBLA’s team of professionals as the Deputy Education Director in June of 2019. Prior to joining NASBLA, Mark worked for the State of Connecticut’s Boating Division for more than twelve years. While there, he initiated a number of innovative programs that focused on delivering the Division’s Safe and Clean Boating messages to the public. Mark was the lead coordinator for the Boating Division’s on-the-water outreach MV Prudence campaign, BOATS (Because Our Acquaintances Think Safety) Program, life jacket rebate program, paddlecraft education, and outreach campaigns and the administrator of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s first social media campaign, Facebook page, Boating in Connecticut.

Mark has extensive commercial and recreational maritime experience. He holds credentials, licenses, and certificates from the U.S. Coast Guard, American Canoe Association, Connecticut DEEP, National Association of State Law Administrators, National Safe Boating Council, and US Sailing. Mark has received numerous awards from state and national organizations for his efforts and achievements in the boating education field.


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