Exploring the Coast Guard’s National Recreational Boating Safety Surveys

A team of State and Coast Guard members of NASBLA’s Engineering, Reporting & Analysis Committee (ERAC) hosted an hour-long webinar on the National Recreational Boating Safety Surveys (NRBSS). Jonathan Hsieh (CG-BSX), Tammy Terry (Ohio DNR), and Joanna Andrade (California Boating & Waterways) covered the purposes of the 2018 NRBSS Participation and Exposure surveys and how they were done; shared interesting findings from this last round and the benefits of understanding and using the results; and, received feedback on topics and questions that might make future surveys even more useful.  

Jonathan Hsieh

Management and Program Analyst

U.S. Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety Boating Safety Division

Tammy Terry

Natural Resources Law Enforcement Program Administrator

Ohio DNR, Div. of Parks and Watercraft, Law Enforcement Section

2024 Chair, NASBLA Engineering, Reporting & Analysis Committee

Joanna Andrade

Manager of the Boating Safety Unit

California Division of Boating & Waterways

Joanna Andrade with the California State Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways, has served on the ERAC committee for 2.5 years. Joanna has been with the division in California for over 5 years. She currently oversees the recreational boating incident program for the division, among various other boating safety programs.