Interactive Virtual HGN Training Innovation

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic all but shut down face-to-face training, the need to enhance the effective use of online, interactive officer training was becoming a priority. This session will introduce a breakthrough boating under the influence (BUI) training project that will effectively improve an officer’s skills at both administering and evaluating subject performance of the HGN test. Officers will be taught the correct administrative procedures, practice the procedures with feedback, and then “test-out” their new skills by demonstrating their proficiency on virtual test subjects.

Richard Moore

BUI Program Manager

Richard Moore serves as the national BUI Program Manager for NASBLA and has been a leader in BUI training and enforcement efforts at both the state and national level since the mid-1990s. He retired from state employment with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement in March of 2017.   In that position, he served as the manager of the Boating and Waterways Section and was designated as Florida’s Boating Law Administrator for 15 years. With more than 27 years of fish, wildlife and boating law enforcement experience, his professional role included oversight of Florida’s boating safety, boating access and waterway management efforts.