Understanding Allowable Costs - 2021 Virtual State RBS Workshop

In this video, you learn to understand the State Boating Safety Program grant allowable costs.  Items covered include:

  1. Terms & definitions
  2. Classifications of costs 
  3. Direct Cost 
  4. Indirect Cost 
  5. Allowable costs 
  6. Non-Allowable cost 
  7. Public Access 
  8. Equipment 

Lynne McMahan

Grant Management Specialist

U.S. Coast Guard (CG-522), Office of Auxiliary & Boating Safety

Lynne Carliss McMahan has almost 30 years in Federal service. The last 20 years have been served as a Grant Management Specialist with the Division of Boating Safety. During that time she was the State coordinator for more than 35 States and Territories. Lynne began her Federal career as an auditor for the Department of Transportation’s, Office of Inspector General, where she performed audits of Coast Guard as well as other DOT components. Lynne works at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC and lives in Northern Virginia.