Using the Budget Tool - 2021 Virtual State RBS Workshop

The budget tool is a very extensive tool with a lot of intricacies.  This training will cover a few highlights:

  1. Understand entries Budget Information Sheet. (SF-424a Pg 1)
  2. Understand data entry restrictions on the Budget Information Sheet. (SF-424a Pg 1)
  3. Understand how to eliminate negative numbers in Section A of the Budget Information Sheet
  4. Understand the built-in integrity checks

Gary Jensen

Grants Management Specialist, Grants Management Branch, USCG Boating Safety Division

U.S. Coast Guard

Gary Jensen has served as a Grant Management Specialist in the Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division since October of 2007. Prior to beginning his second career in federal civil service, Jensen spent nearly 27 years on active duty in the Coast Guard. He retired from active duty in 2005 as a Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate.