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  • Alabama Boater Licensing

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Alabama Boater Licensing

    In 1994, Alabama passed one of the most comprehensive pieces of boating safety legislation in the nation, which included mandatory operator licensing. Now, 18 years later, is the program working? Has Alabama seen any definitive results? Explore mandatory licensing from an insider’s perspective.

    Erica Shipman

    Administrative Services Commander

  • Changes to the SNS, the VIS, and the BARD – Implications for the States

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Changes to the Standard Numbering System, the Vessel Identification System, and the Boating Accident Report Database – Implications for the States

    The Coast Guard issued its final rule on March 28, 2012 (Docket No. USCG-2003-14963) and amended its regulations related to numbering undocumented vessels and reporting boating accidents. These changes align and modernize terminology used in the Standard Numbering System (SNS), the Vessel Identification System (VIS), and accident reporting; require verification of vessel hull identification numbers; require SNS vessel owners to provide personally identifiable information; and provide flexibility for states and territories in administering these regulations. Together, the changes are intended to improve boating safety efforts, enhance law enforcement capabilities, clarify requirements for all stakeholders, and promote the Coast Guard strategic goals of maritime safety and security. Learn about the changes and what your organization needs to do to prepare for these regulatory changes by January 1, 2017.

    Vann Burgess

    USCG RBS Specialist

    Tammy Terry

    Boating Accident Program Manager

    Madelynn Fenske

    Customer Service Supervisor